About us

We are taking action so the town in which we live remains a vibrant place, both for now and into the future.  We aim to make the town able to carry on regardless of external shocks, such as recessions, commodity price rises and climate change.  We encourage stronger social networks and a more robust local supply chain via vibrant local commerce.

Tring is the world's fifty-first transition town - where communities get together and take the first steps from a wasteful, oil and car dependent consumer society to a safer, more responsible and happier one.

We only need to make small changes for big effects.

Tring in Transition ("TINT") is made up of action groups that try out all kinds of ways to become more sustainable. The action groups are:


Check out their pages and see what you can do to make some changes in your life.

Even better - JOIN US. 

You can contact us at  transition@tringintransition.org.uk

There are now over 470 tranisition communities in the world. For more information see


and www.transitionnetwork.org

We are non political, non religious, non profit - and are supported by Tring Town Council, Dacorum Borough Council, Hertfordshire County Council Grassroots initiative, and Chilterns AONB Sustainability initiative. Our aims are endorsed by Tring Town Council which itself has signed up to the 1010 initiative.