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Duckmore Lane 'drop in' on every Monday, 4pm-5pm July, August and up to mid September. Getting together, keeping an eye on everything 
and collecting the produce!

Duckmore Lane workparty Sunday August 13th 10 -12.

Duckmore Lane workparty Sunday July 9th 10 -12.

Duckmore Lane workparty Sunday June 11th 10 -12.

We'll be planting, mulching, weeding and enjoying the sunshine!

Duckmore Lane workparty Sunday May 14th 10 -12.

Firstly I would just like to say that the weeds do look pretty daunting at the moment. In spite of the dry weather and the cold they have continued to grow strongly. However, we will continue to get rid of as many as we can by mulching. We’ll just do a bit at a time, we’re not aiming for an entirely weed free plot and we’re not expecting to get it all done this year! We’ll be creating ‘islands’ of weed reduced areas which will in time join together. We’ll be planting robust perennials which will be able to hold their own against the undesirables. The raised bed area has worked quite well, in terms of being reasonably weed free and with minimum effort. In the meantime, we can harvest leaves from some of the weeds e.g. Docks to put on our compost heap.

At the moment the ground is too hard and dry to plant anything, but we can make a start on the raised beds. There will be some tomato plants (Gardener’s delight) and a small leafed basil which could go in the raised bed with the lower soil level, there may also be a few other plants which could go in the first bed. (The middle bed is being looked after by Helena on behalf of the WI). The beds will need mulching with wood chip after planting.

We’re going to start mulching the first part of the orchard area (the bit between in front of the compost bins up to the red currant bushes) by putting down newspaper (in the tool shed) and woodchip. We’ll be growing squashes in the area, so that will give a lot of ground cover and should look reasonably attractive. We experimented with this last year with reasonable success.
Small weeds can be trodden down, but probably better to chop off the bigger ones with a spade. Please don’t attempt to dig them up, it’s too much work! I suggest if there’s enough paper we should put down 6 sheets then the wood chip on top. We can work out where to dig the holes for the squashes later.

We’ve started to fill the compost bin. We’re alternating between suitable green stuff, (e.g. leaves especially comfrey and docks) and woodchip. We have had a new delivery (nearest the gate) which contained a lot of green stuff, it’s already composting so it would be good to use that.

As we go through the summer we’ll need to try and keep the areas around the plants we have planted, topped up with mulch.

Given that the weather isn’t very good for planting we will try and hold an additional workparty, maybe early evening/late afternoon before the June workparty.

N. B. We’ve discovered a plant, tagetes minuta – recommended by Sarah Raven, which is supposed to kill ground elder. A packet of seeds is on order!

TinT AGM Saturday May 6th 12 noon at the High Street Baptist Church. Download AGM documents