Read the latest news from the Save our Buses in Hertfordshire campaign.

Tring now has a bus users' group.

Its aims are:
 - to encourage people to use buses.
 - to highlight and seek to resolve bus users' concerns.
 - to work in partnership with our providers, local authorities and planners.

Ideas on how to reduce car usage:-

Car share: for work, for clubs, sports and hobbies. Put up a notice or join a car sharing website such as

If you commute from the station, cycle. Even more racks are due to be installed.

Regular clean and efficient buses run from Aylesbury - Tring - Berkhamsted - Hemel - Watford, as well as other destinations.

Check out lots more local information on cycling at Tring and Berkhamsted cycle campaign's website:

And for the future...imagine a car free town. Imagine Tring Triangle without any cars. Check out  for just how amazing that might be.